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It was in 2016 that the Klicky adventure was born. At its origin, a young and ambitious Marrakchi, passionate about Web Marketing. From the start, his idea is to offer value-added advice, a complete and tailor-made Web service, as well as long-term support. Little by little, he gathered around him a team of collaborators who all stick to the same profile: Geeks, motivated and especially passionate about digital.

Clients quickly appreciate how their needs are translated into Internet strategy and the quality of service provided. The agency is developing unexpectedly and the pace is accelerating: it develops more and more sites, is entrusted with large-scale national and international projects, integrates new technologies, creates new cells, recruits new specialists in a desire not to outsource anything …

Today, Klicky is a digitally sound structure, with which you can calmly consider a long-term collaboration.


From humble beginnings to a renowned digital agency...

Klicky was created 3-years ago with a clear and simple vision in mind. A lot may have changed in the last decade but we are proud to retain the same ethos and values.


Klicky 3.0

Our decade year is truly one of celebration, from both a team and a commercial perspective. And we have no intention of slowing down and fortunately, our forecast is showing another year of exponential growth!



Some of our incredible clients.

For the past 3 years, we’ve helped over 80 clients to build more than 250 digital products.


Join #Klickylife...

We are an award-winning Digital Marketing agency based in the heart of the beautiful city of Marrakech in Morocco.

Klicky has grown from being one man starting out from his bedroom computer to employing over 14+ colleagues – and it doesn’t stop there!

Here, you’re not “just” a developer or a designer.


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